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Helping Hands Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3), non-political and non-religious organization dedicated to helping under-privileged children around the world. We are committed to providing food, shelter, clothing, health care, and education to enhance and improve the lives of these less fortunate children. We regard these children to be our most valuable resource, and we work to integrate them into a process of progressive survival in society.

Helping Hands Inc. was registered in 2003 in the State of Texas, USA. The founder and CEO of our organization is Kaushalya Siriwardana, a native Sri Lankan who from a very young age has held an immense desire to make positive and lasting changes in the lives of our less fortunate children around the world. We believe all children have the right to a proper education and health care, a good plate of food, proper clothing, a roof over their heads, a feeling of comfort and safety and most of all … to be loved. We are dedicated to accomplishing this divine mission successfully all over the world.


Helping Hands Inc. maintains a vision that is structured on basic laws of nature such as: the law of impermanence, the law of unsatisfactoriness and the law of non-substance. We strive for unlimited compassion, unlimited kindness, sympathetic joy while maintaining inner peace.

It is said that these four states of mind provide the answers to all situations arising from social interaction. They are the great removers of tension, the peacemakers in the midst of social conflict, the healers of emotional wounds as we face the challenges of living, the lifters of social barriers, the builders of harmonious communities, the awakeners to the compassionate generosity of a forgiving, kind nature, the revivers of joy and the promoters of human brotherhood, acceptance and love.


The mission of Helping Hands Inc. Humanitarian All Nations Diplomatic Mission with over two hundred plus (200 +) Nations, is to establish through unity, to impact hunger, homelessness, poverty, education, environment, sustainability, and global economy development. Our Humanitarian Diplomatic Mission was also created to contribute to global Peace through respect and appreciation for all cultures and develop sustainability through our
humanitarian programs, all united by a Diplomatic Sovereignty Mission of humanity. We are campaigning the causes of the innocent children across the globe empowering them to live lives filled with knowledge, happiness, courage and a sustainable future.

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