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HHI Global Representatives


Each of the over 200 buildings that make up the International Culture Center will be represented by an active   local community leader to their native country.  This is an honorary position yet, it has much global prestige and carries with it honor, respect and integrity. The following are the requirements, responsibilities and many benefits that come with this pinnacle role at the HHI Global Educational Cultural Center.


Must be minimum 18 years of age

Have the ethnic background of the country in which you represent

Assist in the fundraising efforts of the HHI Brick Program by personally purchasing two bricks and move a minimum of 200 bricks within 90 days of the date you become a global representative

Be a liaison between your local community, HHI Global Center, the satellite HHI chapter in your home country and your countries’ UN Ambassador

Coordinate and procure the needed material for their 500 sq. ft. building with cultural, historical displays, paintings, literature about your country, natural resources, items to export, vendors information, etc.

Provide accurate travel information, educational programs for foreign students.

Coordinate with other nations at the Global Center for events.

Represent your country at all global events.

Be up-to-date with current affairs regarding your community, in your home country and with the HHI Global Center and facilitate that information between all involved entities. Create and maintain a current bulletin board regarding information about your country

Submit a monthly report to the HHI administration


The HHI global communities (nations) represented at the Global Center in Hunt County, Texas will have the unique opportunity to acquire an expansive cultural education, learn to appreciate the beauty and value of all cultures around the world, partake in preserving nature, educate one another about different countries, learn about native alternative medicines, environmental sustainability, and have a chance to participate and support humanitarian projects locally and internationally. The following are some of the many benefits of this honorary position:

You will have your own office within your countries’ designated 500 sq. ft. building where you will promote and maintain the culture, honor, and interests of your country to visitors at HHI. • Serve as the vehicle for your cultural community and serve other communities by educating and providing information about your country and their charitable activities and global events.

Enable the growth and sustained development of communications between your nation and other nations around the world represented at the global center.

Be an asset to your country by acting as a liaison between your local community, the satellite HHI chapter in your home country and your countries’ ambassador at the United Nations.

Open a trade of your heritage at cultural shops, share at the International Artesian Village to promote and sell art, crafts and other unique products from your country. Each nation will be able to offer their products for sale to thousands of visitors visiting locally, nationally and internationally.

Enjoy the fruitful products from the acres of organic gardens located at the Global Center. This is both beneficial to your health and the environment as the Global Center gardens have no pesticides, and no fertilizers used in the growing process.

Access to the International Film Studio: for the independent film maker community and have the guidance of a Hollywood professional.

Access to the native medicines of your ancestors, as well as an introduction to remedies from all over the globe.

VIP access for you and your guests to ongoing cultural events throughout the year as a global representative of your country as well as use of the many amenities available on site.

Each nation will have their own Celebration Day to promote your heritage by showcasing events at the Global Center so our local global communities can experience each nation’s culture, food, dance and festivities etc. scheduled in alphabetical order annually.

The opportunity to enjoy a nature preserve away from the heavy traffic while taking advantage of the luxury of a peaceful serene environment on an eco-friendly setting.

The best and most important incentive is that our children will receive a world class education that will provide them with a rich knowledge of the collective global cultures while promoting global friendliness, acceptance and compassion towards all. This very concept of learning from one another will aid in creating a peaceful environment for our global communities

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