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Financial and Progress Needs


Land site has been secured (1200 Acres) Greenville TX. First phase of the project has commenced.


The estimated budget for Helping Hands Inc. Global Center is estimated at approximately $200 million dollars, 60 million dollars towards animal kingdom has been secured. Helping Hands Inc. is actively working to raise money to fund this self -sustainable project. Opportunities to donate and invest detailed are below

We invite EB5 Visa, E-2 Visa and private investors to invest in our global center project through Dawn Holding Company LLC., which has been contracted to manage and operate the profit entities within The Global Educational Cultural Center in Hunt County Texas. Helping Hands Inc. will also generate funds through grants, donations and ongoing fundraisers to be self-sustaining and enable us to continuously keep our commitment to provide supplemental funding to our over 200 satellite global chapters.


In an effort to raise funds for the Global Center just outside of Dallas, TX, USA, Helping Hands Inc. presents our “BUILD-A-DREAM~BRICK BY- BRICK” Program. You can be a lasting part of the Global Center by immortalizing your choice of name on your very own brick that will be used to build the “Wall of Confidence”, which will surround the entire facility. It is named as such to be an outward symbol of the global purpose of HHI to build confidence, self-esteem, a feeling of connectedness and acceptance for all cultures as we join together to create a stronger, confident, and brighter future for all children. For a small donation of one hundred dollar ($100 US) any individual, family, diplomatic mission or country can be an important part of this humanitarian cause.

As  our way of saying “Thank You” every donor will receive a:

Certificate of Merit

Customized Brick

Choice of one name on your website

Lasting memory that can be shared with generations to come

EB5 Presentation

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