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Global Center Structures


The objective of the Global Center in Texas, USA is to provide a recreational learning environment to raise awareness by:

Teaching an understanding of all cultures, which will include instruction on the history, culture, fine arts and trade of over 200 nations.

Offering treatment and education on the major health related traditions around the world.

Teaching sustainable organic gardening, which will nurture children, bringing harmony to their mind and body while promoting global friendliness and compassion.

Concepts of learning from one another, which co-creates a peaceful environment of acceptance among our local and global communities.

Raise funds to support the humanitarian activities at the satellite HHI Global Chapters around the world as well as the HHI Global Center headquarters in Hunt County, Texas USA.


Developing and Construction: Serene Developers

CEO: Mr MutuZa Ghouse

COO: Mr. Rayan Cole

Chief Engineer: Mr. Mark Hickman
Chief Architect: Tim Konganda

HHI Global Center Greenville TX Structures


Global Movie Studio – (125 Acres), This will be one of the world’s largest filming studio’s

Watch actual movies being filmed and produced

Make a movie yourself studio

TV and News Paper Media Center

Animal Kingdom – (200 Acres), Our park will showcase continents of the world; Each region will feature the most exotic and endangered species that are associated with that continent.

2nd Hotel with safari theme and overlooking Animals Restaurant in Hotel

100’ Tree with restaurant and zip line

Endangered special Conservation

Gift Shops and Concessions

images (1)

Intl: Serenity Resort – Water theme Area, where you can enjoy a water front stay and take part in all the water activities. Fun for everyone.   

with water theme and overlooks the lake/serenity

Underwater restaurant and water view Banquet area

Gift Shops and Concessions

Few cider cabanas can be here (we don’t want to over crowed this area)

images (11)

Golf Resort – (100 Acres), Love to golf, then stay at a hotel inside the global center. The golfs Couse and enjoys the 18-hole professional course

Golf house

18-hole professional designed course

Few cider cabanas can be here

Gift Shops and Concessions

Mini put

Driving range

images (2)
images (3)

Intl: Sports World – Area to enjoy paying and watching sports on professional fields.a. Cricket Grounds

Cricket Field (Large enough for IPL)

Sports hall of fame Museum

Outdoor Theater

Children Recreation area

Gift Shops and Concessions

images (4)
images (5)

3rd Hotel Cowboy Town – Enjoy the real Texas experience. That will take you back in time.

Restaurant in Saloon

Area built as a wild western town

Western Cultural Center

Stable and riding area

Gift Shops and Concessions

Old West Photos

cowboy town
images (6)

International Village

200 International buildings will be designed accordingly to represent each country’s culture.

Intl: Art Center painters to display art and paint.

Hall to accommodate bldg.: to accommodate 1000-2000 people with cooking facilities

City of Knowledge: each country to represent piece of lighted art solar energy

Botanical gardens: Global botanical garden Intl plants

Green House: Indoor Intl: Tropical Plants

Nature pavilion

Skating center

Artesian Village

Global Native Medicine Village

Global Center for Healing & Health

Intl: Native medicine Research Center

Intl: Food Village

Indoor Auditorium

Gift Shops and Concessions

images (7)
images (8)

People Area Throughout the Center

Wall of Confidence: Surrounded by four feet wall (HHI fund raising project through each donated brick)

Train Ride and Tour

Sky Way around the Globe


Maintenance and Construction Buildings

Business offices/ Classrooms / Emergency services / Restrooms

Shop and storage


Cascading Pounds, fountains, and entrance

80 ONE/TWO Bedroom cider unites for Dedicating Housing / Private Accommodations

Archives building

Purpose: Building to display old text and area to watch educational documentaries for the children.

Walk Ways

Purpose: Water stream around the facility along the “Wall of confidence” people to walk along the path next to the water stream getting a better view of their brick (HHI Fund Raising Program for each brick of the wall)

Main Entrance: ¼ mile walk with all countries flags on both sides 


Many programs will be offered free of charge for the children, including:

Classes on sustainable organic growing

Educational support including tutoring and TAKS Preparatory classes

Classes including language, global fine art, filmography skills, global classical music, yoga and martial arts, etc.

Transportation for field trips from local schools



Weekly and weekend vacation opportunities at the hotel or at boathouses on the lake.

At the International Cultural Center, each of the 200 countries will be represented. Each of the Global Representatives will have unique items on display to educate with honor and grace their individual culture. Their unique customs will also be represented through language, enjoyable classes, food, dance, music, clothing, games and interactive learning tools.

Celebrations for each country throughout the year will provide events and opportunities to experience each country’s culture, food, music, costumes and dance.



Treatment Centers for native and complimentary health care

Education for public and health care communities about health practices and traditions from around the world.

Technical innovation will include telemedicine to remotely guide special medical care to outlying sites.

Research to foster, perform and participate in clinical research projects.

Stewards of humanitarianism by participating with the HHI Global Chapters and other governmental or Non-governmental organizations (NGO) to foster or implement certain health related projects such as provision of basic sanitation, clean drinking water, immunizations, health education, etc.



Nature Study and Activity Area

Tours and presentations to understand the concepts of organic gardening, and learn about the specific herbs and plants that are grown by each nation, including those for medicinal purposes.

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Based upon sustainable building practices, the HHI Global Center will be designed, constructed and maintained in an eco-friendly, green environment which will be utilizing green materials and processes wherever available.


We are honored to be able to offer to the children at our global center, a progressive educational program headed by Dr. Alphonsus Ekwerike, President of Neurosquatemetry and Science Medicine, Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit research organization. Dr. Ekwerike through his Invention Technology Program offers an advanced, innovative approach to education that most certainly will have a profound effect on the way children are taught in the future. This unique curriculum produces independent, creative thinkers and researchers with the necessary tools and skill set to become professional inventors. This program breeds students who are able to confidently invent better solutions and ways to live in all areas of life with practical applications such as: science, space, medicine, social and political sciences to name a few. To learn more about this amazing educational program go to:

We are deeply honored and appreciative that Dr. Ekwerike has officially accepted a position with Helping Hands Inc. as an ambassadorial representative to Nigeria and wherever he may be of service. His support and immeasurable wealth of knowledge is such an asset and of great value to our collective future success


Locations in the Continents, the Global Educational Cultural Center will be constructed on 1200+ acres. The Center will provide free access to world renowned alternative health professionals, supportive, fun, interactive education and recreation in a peaceful, natural environment. It will encompass every nation’s cultures, history and traditions. The HHIDM Global Educational Cultural Center’s Hotel (The Victoria) and guest Accommodations shall be surrounded by the International Center (200+ Nations Mini Villages) (representing over 200+ countries), a 30,000-seat outdoor theater, The World Organic Garden (200 Acres). The Center for Natural Health, a 150-acre lake, a state- of-the-art film studio, and a Nature Pavilion, Animal Kingdom, Intl Native Medicine and many mesmerizing educational all green eco-friendly. Dedicated for each country a village to display the culture and cultural products all will be surrounded by an approximately 4 ft. “Wall of Confidence” with each brick engraved with a name chosen by their supportive donors.

This peaceful setting will promote peer teaching and natural life enrichment. The education and learning practices from each culture will be combined to help needy children in all nations via the corresponding satellite HHIDM global chapters each with a representative at the HHIDM Global Educational Cultural Center as a liaison to them, their local community and to their countries’ Ambassador to the United Nations.

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