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Our Objectives

The mission of Helping Hands Inc. is to champion the causes of innocent children across the globe and empower them to live lives filled with knowledge, happiness and global peace-loving citizens.
Many of the world’s children are living in incredibly deplorable conditions, lacking food, clothing, health care and education. Some children are homeless with bleak prospects for the future. Helping Hands Inc. was formed to address and fulfill the needs of these children.
Founded by Hon: Kaushalya Siriwardana, the diplomatic mission works tirelessly to instill a renewed sense of self-worth through compassion, support and education as we seek to break the cycle of generational poverty.
As we move deeper into our mission, the diplomatic mission has begun planning the construction of HHIDM self-sustaining chapters throughout the world to assist the needs of these children, addressing their most basic needs in a nurturing environment.

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