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The Helping Hands Inc. Global Educational Cultural Center

In Hunt County, Texas, we will soon begin Phase One construction of our Global Center headquarters and hub from which our outreach to HHI Global Chapters around the world where ever needed will be provided support on an ongoing basis. Helping Hands Inc., via its holding company, will be able through private and EB5 Visa investors, to utilize their profits to self-sustain the Global Center keeping our commitment of continuous support of our global chapters world-wide.

The Center will be dedicated to cultural education, fine arts, alternative health, and recreational events in a peaceful, natural environment which will encompass every nation’s culture, history and tradition. All classes will be provided to children for free. It is our intent by educating our youth about other cultures that it will create awareness and acceptance leading to more peaceful global resolutions in the future.

A portion of the facility will consist of 200 separate buildings constructed to represent their individual nation filled with artifacts, historical and current information about their country overseen my a national global representative living in the USA who will also be a liaison to their nations’ Ambassador at the United Nations which makes our program the only one of it’s kind. An outdoor theater with 2,000 seating capacity, a world organic center, a center for alternative health education and treatments, a nature pavilion, an artisan villages for artists from every country living here can display and sell their authentic artwork to visitors. A state-of-the art film studio with 125 acres set aside for movie making, a cricket field, two(2) hotels, intern national culinary establishments and much more all beautifully surrounded by a 150 acre lake with full amenities. it will be a place of education, fun, relaxation, celebration and joy-filled memories created.

The objective of developing such a unique Global Center is to raise funds for the global missions of Helping Hands Inc., and to make a change in the lives of our homeless and orphaned street children around the world who are forced to do unthinkable things just to survive. We want to help secure their basic rights, recognize and develop their individual capabilities by providing these precious children in all of our global chapters including around the USA, with healthy meals every day, a comfortable and safe place to sleep at night, proper health care, a solid education, and unconditional love and inspiration to raise their self worth so they can go onto lead productive, happy lives with families of their own while stopping the cycle poverty and violence. They are our greatest asset and the adults of the future.

They have no one to depend on to show them a better way to live so with your help and support we will be there for them right through college as we work with universities in their country to provide scholarships as well. We are in it for the long haul. This is why we are constructing such an expansive project. This facility will be providing over 3000 people with jobs as well. The ripple effect of good will continue making positive changes in the lives of so many people.

The Global Center will be surrounded by an approximately 4 ft. “Wall of Confidence” constructed entirely from bricks that have been donated from people all over the world. Any individual donor or organization can immortalize their name among millions of bricks in this amazing structure that will completely encompass the Global Center. If you are interested in participating, a brick can be purchased HERE for only $100 and it is 100% tax deductible.

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